Club Imaginative

We are Digital Superheroes

of India

Manpower and knowledge is essentially a part of any infrastructure today. Y3K IMAGINATIONS is manned by a team of eminent workers drawn from well-known institutes and from different walks of life. Besides, the team is a value mix of experience and talent capable of providing solutions on latest technologies. IT industry itself symbolizes all forms of modern technologies, but then again the success of high technology is ultimately dependent on the people involved not on the deployed technology.

The company has constantly striven to innovate and improve upon existing processes, by establishing a team of well-qualified and experienced people. In the high technology work place it is particularly important for people to continuously upgrade themselves. Our US Team (Amacksoft Inc.), ensures the continuous consultation and training of the team. Drawing people from Blue Chip Organisations like Google, Motorola etc. to counsel and direct our Team Y3K, we have been able to foresee the technology changes and upgrades.

Being part of Club Imaginatives is more than just a job – it’s a passion and a way of life. We've got a dynamite team and pride ourselves on a culture that's collaborative and rewarding. We're always looking for:

  • Developers with Insight
  • Creative and Design Forecasters
  • Technology Consultants

If you’ve got the talent, ambition, creativity and imagination to thrive in our world, we’d love to hear from you.
Imaginatives are to be unforgettably dynamic. Let’s face it, they represent the creativity of genius minds. For more than 15 years Y3K Imaginations have managed to develop a dedicated team called Club Imaginatives by recruiting, training and managing the Club who help us deliver magical, memorable and meaningful live brand management and development experiences. Are aspirations are create :

  • Business Leaders
  • Technology Ambassadors
  • Creativity Dynamos

We are exceptionally proud of those that make it through to be part of Club Imaginatives. Starting with a great pool of people from all walks of life, our staffing team can then cherry pick each role based upon passion for creativity and technology, by really getting to know the person and matching them with the very idea of passion they have.
We love our staff and its methodologies; they prove time and time again that we are the best in the technology and business.