Data Management

Build bigger, faster

stronger, easier

The cost of data storage and archiving is often much higher than enterprises realize and is continuing to rise. Y3K understands both the cost and value of your corporate data, and the importance of fast and efficient collection, archive, retrieval and rescue.

Minimize Cost and Maximize Value

Y3K’s storage and data management services reduce expenditure and provide secure control and visibility of your corporate data. Through a process of assessment, audit, implementation, and delivery, our storage management experts can:

  • Assess the quantity and purpose of all your corporate data
  • Provide analysis of whether data is important or redundant
  • Implement and manage cost-effective, secure storage regimes
  • Identify mission-critical data
  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Identify and provide the optimum storage platforms for your business ranging from pay-as-you-use to cloud-based services

Beyond Backup and Restore

The Y3K approach to storage management helps you reap cost, security and efficiencybenefits by improving the way your corporate data is managed. It takes into account master data management, legislative compliance, risk assessment and data use, as well as operational considerations such as lifecycle management, backup and security.

Y3K’s expertise spans all sectors. We recognize that different sectors have varied internal and external influences on how data is managed. Our storage experts work in partnership with your business to define the most appropriate solutions for you.

Tame Data Storage Sprawl through Effective Management

With more than 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, we offer expertise in application-specific storage silos, data centres and cloud-based solutions. Y3K manages some of the world's most mission-critical data, from tax records to airline information. Our expertise covers a wide range of technologies and is continually enhanced through our alliances with the world’s leading providers of storage equipment, virtualization and software solutions.