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There are numerous e-commerce tools available in the market that can get your e-commerce site online in a jiffy and are cost effective. But what these tools create is of a very limited functionality and these are hard or even impossible to customize any further.On the other hand a customized e-commerce solution can be very expensive. Keepingthat in mind we have created a modular e-commerce solution that enables us to reacha balance between pre-made and custom solutions.

Our solution has all the functionality's pre-built using a modular approach that enablesus to create e-commerce sites that are highly customizable yet cost effective and fastto develop.

Functional specifications:

Front End (for Shoppers)

1] Display :Display of Categories and products with their respective links including images.

2] Shopping Cart :Adding products to the shopping basket, which the shopper selects. Items canbe added, deleted and updated (quantity) to the shopping cart and shopperwill finally be able to pay online using Indian & International credit cards.

3] Processing the order :Credit card Acceptance and validation. Handling of Credit Card Information isdone using secured Administrative Module.

4] Visitor Registration process

  • a) Registration process for the customer, which can be used as a reference toidentify the Customer with the order placed and for future references.

  • b) Login: All further Shopping can be done using Login Id.

5] Blind/Keyword Search :Simple search that enables the user to search for the product by keyword entered. The search criterion is to be based on categories and some important product attributes.

6] Order Tracking - Helps Customer to know the status of the Order.

Back End (for Shop keeper - Administrator) - Orders received from customers can bviewed with complete status of order obtained.

7] Category Maintenance

  • i) Category Details Maintenance
  • ii) Add a category
  • ii) Add a category
  • iv) View a category
  • v) Delete a category

8] Product Maintenance

  • i) Category Details Maintenance
  • ii) Add a category
  • ii) Add a category
  • iv) View a category
  • v) Delete a category

9] Frequent Buyer Details :Frequent buyer details can be obtained from the Admin Module.

10] Reminder mails :Automated reminder mails can be sent to the client.

11] Report Generation :Report generation for the following:

  • i) Category Details Maintenance
  • ii) Open Order's Report
  • ii) Executed Order's Report
  • iv) Cancelled Order's Report

12] Client Details :Complete client details, and total purchases of the client.

13] E-mail Management :Updation of e-mail addresses.

Development / Programming Services include:MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, AJAX Tools, Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP, JavaScript&VB; Script

E-Commerce - Fully customized to suit your organization's needs.Design and Development / Catalog Creation / Database Development and Integration Connectivity to Payment Gateway / Pre-packaged Shopping Cart Software!