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Y3K Imaginations's network design services are geared towards making your company data and voice networks operate more efficiently. Inefficient networks are responsible for a tremendous amount of lost time, money, productivity, and business. Good network design is the foundation upon which performance and reliability are built  helping to prevent installation, operation and maintenance problems. Without good design, your network may never meet the operational requirements needed to achieve production and business goals.

Y3K Imaginations can design and spec new networks, tune up those existing legacy networks and help to plan for future upgrades necessary to keep your data flowing smoothly.

Our experts who design networks are trained to consider not just planning and implementation, but the whole picture. This picture includes both network upgrades and network maintenance. These services ensure that your newly designed network doesn fall into the cycle of neglect and disarray that often the downfall of even the most conscientiously designed networks. Check with your account representative to find out more about our network design services. Offering design and installation services as well as sourcing of all brands of networking equipment allow Amacksoft to quickly and efficiently implement the right solution. Additionally, our team is a great source for an independent third party audit if you already have a network but are not sure it is running to its full or desired potential.

Contact us today to speak to an account representative about how we can diagnose your network issues.