QA & Testing

Build bigger, faster

stronger, easier

At Y3K Imagination, implementing your data strategy can be simple and successful. We will help you define a strategy and specifications that meet your business goals, advise on implementation and configuration, and provide testing and deployment assistance for a variety of software products, web and enterprise applications. In-house testing can be challenging, expensive and take up a lot of resources. We offer a comprehensive range of independent testing and Quality Assurance services that adhere to the highest level of industry standards.

Using our QA expertise and team flexibility, we can increase the quality of our products while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs. Y3K Imagination, never compromises cost with Quality, we understand the importance of the safety, maintainability and reliability of the software. Our experts are responsible and with the proficiency that comes from years of experience, they understand the requirements of the clients and improve the operational efficiency of the project.

Our consultants are proficient in strategic test planning and tactical execution of test methodologies including automation, ad-hoc application testing, architecture/framework testing and performance & scalability testing strategies for support web applications and systems. They provide test configuration support activity that includes obtaining, communicating and facilitating new/changed test environment requirements for all integration, systems and acceptance testing phases – including tracking and supporting test projects through SDLC with emphasis on testing execution phases.