Vision & Mission

Know what really

motivates your clients


01 To be a partner of choice in defined vertical segments both at national & international level by providing the clients innovative, faster, reliable and value for money solutions in the area of interaction design, motion media brand advertising.

02 Be a process driven, professionally managed and highly profitable organization with a sustainable international business and high level of employee satisfaction.


"To empower people to gain competitive edge by enhancing their imagination  thinking next millennium."

01 Conceiving and implementing breakthrough interactive solutions that add value.

02 Facilitating the expansion and integration of the new e- digital economy as well as influencing it.

03 Going beyond the obvious and immediate solutions and leveraging our knowledge and experience to assist organizations embrace change and take advantage of the created.

04 Providing dynamic solutions that foster simple and dedicated relationships between our clients and their customers.


Companies across the world run on the twin rails of profit and growth. But some companies are driven differently. At Y3K Imaginations, our philosophy is defined by commitment, trust, enduring relationships, and the ideal of perfection above profit.